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How Much Would The White House Cost in Your Backyard?

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Last week, we dared to ask what would happen if the White House was put on the open market. Working with The Koitz Group we estimated the 55,000-square-foot-mansion would list for a hefty $110 to $115 million.

But why should Washington, D.C. have all the fun?

Picking Up & Moving The White House Across Country

In the spirit of the hypothetical questions, we asked ourselves how much the White House would cost if it was located in some of the nation’s largest metros. Below are our best guesses.

The Math Behind the Magic

To come up with the numbers, the Movoto staff pulled out our abacuses and TI-89 calculators to learn the median price per square foot of residences in each metro area. We then compared these figures to the numbers The Koitz Group provided.

"Sweet abacus, bro!"

So, if you’re tired of Washington, D.C. hogging the White House check out The White House Across the Nation. And note, we’ve given the venerable building a slight facelift for each of its new surroundings.

White House in Your Backyard Infographic


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posted on: May 9, 2012
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