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Taxing the American Dream

David Cross in Homeownership, Mortgage, National Association of Realtors, Tax   •   0 comments Apr 25, 2012

The American dream is under attack. Or, at least, that’s the message Movoto heard from realtors when we discussed a tax break that encourages homeownership. The mortgage interest deduction, a tax break introduced in 1913, has come under fire from politicians on the right and the left. Most recently, it was from GOP presidential nominee

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Housing Tax Break on the Cutting Block?

David Cross in Homebuyers, Homeownership, Mortgage   •   2 comments Apr 24, 2012

obama mortgage tax deductionThe tax deduction, which encourages homeownership, seems to be perpetually on the cutting block–and it doesn’t matter if the person holding the ax is a republican or democrat. Homeowners, and future homeowners, should pay attention to the discussion. Elimination of the MID will take money from their pockets.

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Real Estate News: President Obama’s Refinancing Plan

Movoto Team in Homeownership, Mortgage   •   0 comments Feb 7, 2012

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Real Estate News: President Obama's Refinancing Plan

ddai in Homeownership, Mortgage   •   0 comments Feb 7, 2012

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Borrower Tips: How You Can Have a HUD Home for Only $100 Down

Stephanie in Buyer Tips, Foreclosures, Homebuyers, Homeownership, Homes for Sale, Mortgage, Real Estate, Real Estate Tips   •   0 comments Nov 16, 2011

Did that headline grab your attention? It sure did mine. It’s true, foreclosed homes currently held by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are being offered from now until October 2012 for only $100 down. So why offer this ridiculously good deal? Because, like other federal entities, HUD doesn’t like these homes

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Good News: Mortgage Refinancing May Get Easier Soon

Stephanie in Homeownership, Interest Rates, Mortgage, Opinions, Real Estate   •   0 comments Oct 19, 2011

It may be hard to believe, but real estate news these days isn’t all bad. Take, for example, the news that mortgage refinancing may soon get a lot easier for those whose homes are underwater. In an article written yesterday, SFGate (the online home of the San Francisco Chronicle) reported that the President and other

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Adjusting to the Changes in the Real Estate Market

in Mortgage, Opinions   •   0 comments Sep 13, 2011

In the past few years, we have seen many changes in the real estate market and in how we buy and sell real estate. For instance, home prices have fallen making it more affordable for buyers to purchase a home or an investment property. There are many opportunities to purchase distressed properties that are in

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Possible Elimination of the Mortgage Interest Tax Credit

in Mortgage, Opinions   •   1 comment Sep 7, 2011

Benefiting from the Mortgage Tax Credit For Americans, owning a home means you also save money on taxes. The mortgage interest deduction and the deduction for property taxes are one of the most important benefits of home ownership to Americans. They allow home owners to count the interest and taxes paid against their income. The

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Rep. Scott Garrett Proposes 5% Minimum Downpayments for FHA Borrowers

Meg in Homebuyers, Homeownership, Mortgage, Other   •   0 comments May 24, 2011

We’ve been hearing rumors of legislation which would raise the minimum down-payments to 5% for a while now, but Inman News recently reported that the Republican-backed bill has been drafted and may go before Congress sometime soon. Naturally, opinions on the bill are divided. Some (Republicans, for the most part) feel that it’s a necessary

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The 'Man' Who Beat the Bank

ddai in Foreclosures, Mortgage   •   0 comments Mar 2, 2011

It’s a story that’s been floating around the internets for a week or two now – the story of the valiant, legally-savvy, ordinary homeowner who has slapped a foreclosure notice on a Wells Fargo Bank. Yes, that’s right. Homeowner forecloses on bank. Here he is on FoxNews: We think it’s amazing, too. We are pretty

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