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Amherst, NY Off-Market & Sold Homes

This is a list of recently off-market Amherst property. Each of these house links will take you to a page showing similar homes that are currently active on the market in the same zip code. Busqueda de propiedades en venta en Amherst, New York.

Amherst Off-Market Listings

790 Lebrun Rd, Amherst, NY57
426 Irvington Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
268 Orbit Dr, Amherst, NY44.5
91 Farmington Rd, Amherst, NY54.5
557 Lebrun Rd, Amherst, NY33.5
9 Krantz Ln, Amherst, NY45
169 Halston Pkwy, Amherst, NY53.5
477 Lebrun Rd, Amherst, NY54.5
160 Hidden Ridge CMN, Amherst, NY44.5
87 S Rockingham Way, Amherst, NY43.5
65 Rollingwood St, Amherst, NY44
313 N Rockingham Way, Amherst, NY54.5
124 Dan Troy Dr, Amherst, NY55
265 N Rockingham Way, Amherst, NY43.5
466 N Rockingham Way, Amherst, NY42.5
273 Dan Troy Dr, Amherst, NY55
95 Roxbury Park, Amherst, NY43.5
64 Aspenwood Dr, Amherst, NY43.5
102 Mount Vernon Rd, Amherst, NY64.5
52 Laurel Ln, Amherst, NY43
3 Stratford Ct, Amherst, NY45
57 N Woodside Ln, Amherst, NY45
58 Golden Pheasant Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
295 Via Foresta Ln, Amherst, NY43
10 Keswick Rd, Amherst, NY44
8 Penny Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
34 Penny Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
42 N Woodside Ln, Amherst, NY43.5
70 Rubino Ct, Amherst, NY33
129 Summer Hill Ln, Amherst, NY22.5
12 Laurel Ln, Amherst, NY43.5
47 Forrester Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
119 Covent Garden Ln, Amherst, NY44
120 Livingston Pkwy, Amherst, NY44.5
167 Arcadian Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
106 Promenade Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
26 Brookshire Ct, Amherst, NY43.5
9 Hidden Creek Ct, Amherst, NY32.5
4081 Tonawanda Creek Rd, Amherst, NY53.5
82 Summer Hill Ln, Amherst, NY33.5
313 Landings Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
94 Covent Garden Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
210 Ruskin Rd, Amherst, NY53.5
74 Promenade Ln, Amherst, NY44
25 S Rockingham Way, Amherst, NY42.5
49 Burbank Dr, Amherst, NY33.5
420 Schoelles Rd, Amherst, NY34
146 Arcadian Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
112 Hampton Hill Dr, Amherst, NY22.5
10 Ironwood Ct, Amherst, NY43.5
25 Forestlake Dr, Amherst, NY22.5
235 Ruskin, Amherst, NY42.5
157 Arcadian Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
27 Brynstone Ct, Amherst, NY32
232 Landings Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
35 Kingsview Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
122 Landings, Amherst, NY42.5
156 S Rockingham Way, Amherst, NY52.5
79 Hampton Hill Dr, Amherst, NY22.5
13 Ashworth Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
45 Ardsley Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
6817 Rivera Way, Amherst, NY32
2 Millrace St N, Amherst, NY53.5
111 N Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
6 Cid Del Way, Amherst, NY54
37 N Union Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
211 Wellingwood Dr, Amherst, NY52.5
95 Thamesford Ln, Amherst, NY32.5
19 Stratford Ct, Amherst, NY52.5
33 Concetta Ct, Amherst, NY43.5
309 Brantwood Rd, Amherst, NY43.5
100 Koster Row, Amherst, NY35
55 Stonybrook Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
49 Markley Dr, Amherst, NY32
170 Greenaway Rd, Amherst, NY43.5
80 Crown Royal Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
40 Levin Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
55 Covent Garden Ln, Amherst, NY32
25 Mar Del Way, Amherst, NY32.5
10 Copper Hts, Amherst, NY42.5
55 Hunt Club Cir, Amherst, NY42.5
390 Paradise Rd, Amherst, NY52.5
115 Hyledge Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
30 Levin Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
59 San Rafael Ct, Amherst, NY43.5
32 Vassar Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
114 Forestview Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
18 Pino Alto Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
23 Rana Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
36 Troy View Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
78 Sable Park, Amherst, NY42.5
28 Ruby Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
169 San Fernando Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
83 Huntingwood Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
43 Caraway Ct, Amherst, NY22
68 Ivyhurst Rd, Amherst, NY33
48 Crown Royal Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
43 Hoviland Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
119 Grasspointe Dr, Amherst, NY43.5
55 Hoviland Ct, Amherst, NY53.5
55 Sandhurst Ln, Amherst, NY32
138 Thamesford Ct, Amherst, NY22.5
79 Boxelder Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
27 Hoviland Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
40 Markley Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
32 Westfield Rd, Amherst, NY53.5
204 Audubon Dr, Amherst, NY43.5
96 Waterway Ln, Amherst, NY22
5797 Kippen Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
131 Old Oak Post Rd, Amherst, NY32.5
147 Autumn Creek Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
58 Olde Ivy Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
130 Haussauer Rd, Amherst, NY32
251 Hunters Ln, Amherst, NY53
88 The CMN, Amherst, NY32
56 Creek Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
49 Thames Ct, Amherst, NY32.5
126 Brandywine Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
78 Southwedge Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
73 Markley Dr, Amherst, NY32
17 Summershade Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
19 Fawn Meadows Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
669 Kaymar Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
113 Mill Valley Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
102 Thamesford Ln, Amherst, NY32
77 S Parrish Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
1 Windsong Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
229 Brantwood Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
326 Tennyson TER, Amherst, NY32.5
326 Tennyson TER, Amherst, NY32.5
20 Brendans Dr, Amherst, NY22
106 Tralee TER, Amherst, NY22
450 Tonawanda Creek Rd, Amherst, NY32.5
128 Londonderry Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
12 Firethorn Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
103 Waterway Ln, Amherst, NY32
136 Lamarck Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
131 Belvoir Rd, Amherst, NY44
55 Westport Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
203 Belvoir Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
49 Gray Birch Ct, Amherst, NY32.5
92 Thomas Jefferson Ln, Amherst, NY32.5
4 Boxelder Ln, Amherst, NY32.5
50 Meadow Spring Ct, Amherst, NY31.5
113 Carriage Cir, Amherst, NY53.5
25 Creek Hts, Amherst, NY32.5
3 Ransom Oaks Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
3 Waterway Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
18 Greenboro Ct, Amherst, NY32.5
42 Silver Thorne Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
137 Thamesford Ct, Amherst, NY22
83 Kingsview Rd, Amherst, NY32.5
64 Eastwick Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
245 Wyeth Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
12 Ruby Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
18 Quail Hollow Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
152 Brenridge Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
19 Quail Hollow Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
23 Towhee Ct, Amherst, NY32.5
54 S Parrish Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
185 Rockdale Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
19 Dan Troy Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
76 S Castlerock Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
7 Bluebird Ln, Amherst, NY32.5
73 Summershade Ct, Amherst, NY32.5
21 Red Maple Ct, Amherst, NY32.5
120 Bywater Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
54 Washington Hwy, Amherst, NY32
44 Catherine St, Amherst, NY32.5
476 Berryman Dr, Amherst, NY33
130 Caesar BLVD, Amherst, NY32
65 Berwick Ln, Amherst, NY22.5
11 Dutchmill Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
25 Honeysuckle Way, Amherst, NY42.5
336 Berryman Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
317 Willow Green Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
143 Klein Rd, Amherst, NY53.5
59 Berwick Ln, Amherst, NY22.5
66 Primrose Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
36 Mapleleaf Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
23 Hunt Club Cir, Amherst, NY22.5
19 Jasmine Ct, Amherst, NY32.5
12 Pin Oak Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
73 Cherry Laurel Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
170 Northledge Dr, Amherst, NY21
58 Bragg Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
15 Deville Cir, Amherst, NY42.5
237 Macarthur Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
110 Amherstdale Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
65 Woodhurst Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
445 Rambling Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
42 Presidio Pl, Amherst, NY42.5
115 Huntingwood Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
99 French Oaks Ln, Amherst, NY22
204 Monroe Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
124 Caesar BLVD, Amherst, NY43
116 Fleetwood TER, Amherst, NY32.5
64 Green Forest Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
53 Spicebush Ln, Amherst, NY22
194 Sausalito Dr, Amherst, NY32
125 Fruitwood TER, Amherst, NY31.5
100 Wiltshire Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
80 Washington Hwy, Amherst, NY41.5
90 Brookedge Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
123 Bradfield Dr, Amherst, NY22
7 The CMN, Amherst, NY42
1 Landings Dr, Amherst, NY22
16 Ranch TRL, Amherst, NY41.5
204 S Forest Rd, Amherst, NY42
35 Silver Thorne Dr, Amherst, NY52.5
93 Cherrywood Dr, Amherst, NY42
163 Deer Rdg, Amherst, NY42.5
18 Waterway Ln, Amherst, NY32.5
2 Waterway Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
94 Countryside Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
73 Southwind TRL, Amherst, NY43
58 Gaslight TRL, Amherst, NY32.5
180 Paradise Rd, Amherst, NY43
74 Walton Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
72 Presidio Pl, Amherst, NY32.5
14 Whispering Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
251 Randwood Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
145 Ranch TRL, Amherst, NY42.5
75 Chassin, Amherst, NY32
172 Burbank Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
213 Macarthur Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
51 Daven Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
10 Lake Ledge Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
282 Tonawanda Creek Rd, Amherst, NY32
5775 Sheridan Dr, Amherst, NY33
52 Spicebush Ln, Amherst, NY22
99 Woodshire N, Amherst, NY42.5
63 Pinehurst Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
54 Patton Pl, Amherst, NY42.5
330 Glen Oak Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
500 Bauman Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
20 Deville Cir, Amherst, NY52.5
168 Schimwood Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
101 Waterway Ln, Amherst, NY32
10 Waterway Ln, Amherst, NY32
1 Waterway Ln, Amherst, NY32.5
412 Shetland, Amherst, NY31.5
2 Beachridge Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
129 Parkwood Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
289 Fruitwood TER, Amherst, NY41.5
171 Ferndale Rd, Amherst, NY22
35 Edward St, Amherst, NY42
49 Harper Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
120 Milton St, Amherst, NY42.5
49 Maricrest Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
19 Segsbury Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
12 Fox Chapel Ct, Amherst, NY42.5
130 Halwill Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
337 Sherbrooke Ave, Amherst, NY42.5
177 Ransom Oaks Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
66 Stanton St, Amherst, NY44
223 Cottonwood Dr, Amherst, NY52
213 Oakbrook Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
276 Darwin Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
83 Lafayette BLVD, Amherst, NY42
286 Country Pkwy, Amherst, NY32.5
15 Woodpointe Run, Amherst, NY22
97 Arlington Rd, Amherst, NY42
28 Sweetwood Dr N, Amherst, NY41.5
96 Shellridge Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
180 Walton Dr, Amherst, NY32
140 Caesar BLVD, Amherst, NY32
63 Jonathan Pl, Amherst, NY42.5
155 Wickham Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
117 Parkhaven, Amherst, NY52.5
240 Mcnair Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
141 Hitching Post Ln, Amherst, NY10.5
68 Lincoln, Amherst, NY32.5
52 Highland Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
188 Delamere Rd, Amherst, NY21.5
75 Brompton Rd, Amherst, NY43
61 Park Lane Ct, Amherst, NY22
523 Fruitwood TER, Amherst, NY32.5
24 Northledge Dr, Amherst, NY42
418 Darwin Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
26 Labelle TER, Amherst, NY41.5
208 Patrice Ter, Amherst, NY31.5
355 Mount Vernon Rd, Amherst, NY42
31 Chassin Ave, Amherst, NY32.5
24 Brookdale Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
137 Breezewood CMN, Amherst, NY32.5
32 Tristan Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
104 Casey Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
349 Shetland Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
107 Chestnut Hill Ln S, Amherst, NY42.5
2 Cloister Ct, Amherst, NY31.5
61 California Dr, Amherst, NY52
314 Glen Oak Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
64 Huntleigh Cir, Amherst, NY41.5
241 Washington Hwy, Amherst, NY42
155 Shetland, Amherst, NY31.5
113 Huxley Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
94 Empress Ave, Amherst, NY42.5
1050 Maple Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
5085 Sheridan Dr, Amherst, NY22.5
71 Coventry Rd, Amherst, NY32
123 Culpepper Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
85 Heathwood Rd, Amherst, NY32.5
211 Sprucewood TER, Amherst, NY32.5
87 Sargent Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
51 Red Oak Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
62 Union CMN, Amherst, NY22
198 Lamarck, Amherst, NY42.5
309 Macarthur Dr, Amherst, NY32
104 Garden Ct, Amherst, NY42
51 Hirschfield Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
78 Wickham, Amherst, NY31.5
210 Culpepper Rd, Amherst, NY32.5
452 Shetland Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
2580 N French Rd, Amherst, NY32
86 Hitching Post Ln, Amherst, NY42
77 Yorktown Rd, Amherst, NY42
17 Gaslight TRL, Amherst, NY31.5
329 Patrice TER, Amherst, NY41.5
36 Garden Ct, Amherst, NY42
163 Park Forest Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
6 Mahogany Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
319 Lakewood Pkwy, Amherst, NY22
50 Labelle TER, Amherst, NY31.5
17 S Chestnut Hill Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
162 Breezewood CMN, Amherst, NY32.5
154 Paul Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
247 Garrison Rd, Amherst, NY43
440 Roycroft BLVD, Amherst, NY31.5
409 Washington Hwy, Amherst, NY31.5
159 Sunrise BLVD, Amherst, NY21.5
100 Amherstdale Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
158 Old Farm Cir, Amherst, NY31.5
94 Caesar BLVD, Amherst, NY32
42 Woodmoor Cir, Amherst, NY32
47 Robin Hill Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
99 Redwood TER, Amherst, NY42
113 Wedgewood Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
23 Inverness Cir, Amherst, NY32
35 Willow Ln, Amherst, NY42.5
289 Lakewood Pkwy, Amherst, NY31.5
258 Ranch TRL, Amherst, NY31.5
169 Sherbrooke Ave, Amherst, NY31.5
86 Creek Rd, Amherst, NY32
350 N Forest Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
18 Sugar Berry Ln, Amherst, NY21.5
58 Partridge Run, Amherst, NY31.5
61 Brookedge Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
65 Patton Pl, Amherst, NY31.5
78 Wickham Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
290 Sagewood TER, Amherst, NY31.5
155 Kaymar Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
149 Kaymar Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
146 Heim Rd, Amherst, NY32
154 Altair Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
27 Taverly Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
333 Patrice TER, Amherst, NY31.5
21 Tralee TER, Amherst, NY22
1 Hickory Hill Rd #E, Amherst, NY32
143 Berryman Dr, Amherst, NY32
248 N Long St, Amherst, NY41.5
739 Campbell BLVD, Amherst, NY31.5
45 Breezewood Commons, Amherst, NY22.5
183 Mount Vernon Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
350 Ayer Rd, Amherst, NY31
46 Twilight Ln, Amherst, NY31.5
66 Swanson, Amherst, NY41.5
112 Cindy Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
91 Jeanmoor Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
176 Imperial Dr, Amherst, NY43
25 S Autumn, Amherst, NY41.5
43 Pfohl Pl, Amherst, NY41.5
60 Union CMN #60, Amherst, NY22
109 S Ellicott, Amherst, NY42.5
941 Robin Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
46 Stanton St, Amherst, NY31.5
367 Washington Hwy, Amherst, NY32
157 Telfair Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
30 Bondcroft Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
531 Vine Ln, Amherst, NY31.5
245 Hopkins Rd, Amherst, NY31
60 Willowbrook Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
191 Capen BLVD, Amherst, NY41.5
9 Newgate Rd, Amherst, NY32.5
184 Noel Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
95 Montbleu Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
32 Jack Rd, Amherst, NY32
70 W Klein Rd, Amherst, NY32
255 Country Pkwy, Amherst, NY43
208 Burroughs Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
234 Wedgewood Dr, Amherst, NY22.5
69 Rumson Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
94 Hickory Hill Rd, Amherst, NY22.5
511 Mount Vernon, Amherst, NY31.5
28 Hickory Hill Rd, Amherst, NY22.5
302 Lamarck Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
309 N French Rd, Amherst, NY32
290 Berkley Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
18 Wood Lee Rd, Amherst, NY21.5
1681 Maple Rd #A, Amherst, NY22
294 Washington Hwy, Amherst, NY32
162 Highland Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
1687 Maple Rd #C, Amherst, NY22
27 Lyrae Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
373 Washington Hwy, Amherst, NY31
25 Hyledge Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
63 Shady Grove Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
497 Washington Hwy, Amherst, NY31
120 Westchester, Amherst, NY42.5
291 W Klein Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
166 Autumnview Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
3935 E Robinson Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
251 Seabrook Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
214 Amherston Dr, Amherst, NY32
108 Cambrook Row, Amherst, NY31.5
519 Mount Vernon Rd, Amherst, NY33
363 Walton Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
167 Brockmoore Dr, Amherst, NY32.5
203 Seabrook, Amherst, NY31.5
16 Newgate Rd, Amherst, NY32
20 Dann Rd #B, Amherst, NY22
157 Royal Pkwy W, Amherst, NY32
54 Somersby Ct, Amherst, NY32.5
243 Crosby BLVD, Amherst, NY31
84 Royal Pkwy W, Amherst, NY42
7 Homer Ln #B, Amherst, NY22
336 Walton Dr, Amherst, NY32
153 Old Mdw #153, Amherst, NY31.5
54 Royal Pkwy W, Amherst, NY31
63 Dalewood Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
53 Bissell Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
65 Hyledge Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
64 Linwood Ave, Amherst, NY41
67 Lincoln Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
48 University Ct, Amherst, NY32.5
223 Kings Hwy, Amherst, NY32
20 Delta Rd, Amherst, NY42.5
125 Hopkins Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
2 Bucyrus Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
137 Caesar BLVD, Amherst, NY32
725 N French Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
82 Empress Ave, Amherst, NY31.5
95 Brookside Dr, Amherst, NY32
232 Berkley Rd, Amherst, NY51.5
353 Lamarck Dr, Amherst, NY32
115 Capen BLVD, Amherst, NY42.5
141 Noel Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
116 Chalmers St, Amherst, NY21.5
176 Westfield Rd, Amherst, NY32
21 Forest Hill Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
12 Arcade Ave, Amherst, NY32
220 Rosedale BLVD, Amherst, NY41.5
159 California Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
954 Robin Rd, Amherst, NY32
751 Sweet Home Rd, Amherst, NY42
35 Kingswaye Dr, Amherst, NY42.5
71 Greengage Cir, Amherst, NY31.5
255 Stahl Rd, Amherst, NY21.5
443 Maynard Dr, Amherst, NY42
109 Ava Ln, Amherst, NY31.5
10 Margaret Rd, Amherst, NY52
61 Hendricks BLVD, Amherst, NY32
41 Christine Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
1000 N Forest Rd, Amherst, NY22
306 Garden Pkwy, Amherst, NY31.5
1185 Youngs Rd #G, Amherst, NY22
341 Bernhardt, Amherst, NY32.5
3879 Bailey Ave, Amherst, NY21
302 Forest Edge Dr, Amherst, NY22.5
170 Rosemont Dr, Amherst, NY32
117 Cindy Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
11 Wansfell Rd, Amherst, NY32
257 Mckinley Ave, Amherst, NY31.5
145 Linwood Ave, Amherst, NY31
117 Hollybrook Dr, Amherst, NY31
1355 Charlesgate Cir, Amherst, NY42.5
71 Lafayette BLVD, Amherst, NY31
2 Sunshine Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
56 Chateau TER, Amherst, NY31.5
31 Maynard Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
107 Ridgewood Dr, Amherst, NY31
144 Jeffrey Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
194 New Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
118 Glen Ave, Amherst, NY21
2015 Dodge Rd, Amherst, NY21
311 Old Meadow Dr, Amherst, NY32
126 Westfield Rd, Amherst, NY31.5
23 Hancock TER, Amherst, NY21
35 Fairchild Dr, Amherst, NY41.5
45 Maynard Dr, Amherst, NY32
48 Cree Ton Dr, Amherst, NY31.5
482 Mount Vernon Rd, Amherst, NY21
183 N Union Rd, Amherst, NY31.5

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