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I enjoy helping my clients find that perfect property to buy or help them sell. I am readily available to my clients, responsive to their needs and a detailed oriented person who likes to "get things done" but I also want to be sure to serve my clients best interest. My strengths are in evaluating properties for my clients and explaining potential repairs, improvements, income and/or benefits of a property. This can be a great benefit for both buyers and sellers in that I can show them areas of concern with a property which can help with the sales price of a property or the ease in which it can be sold or purchased. My background helps me to explain and show my clients what potential problems to look for in a property and to help them understand the costs involved.

I grew up in Anchorage Alaska and while growing up, was very active in sports. I am a University of Oregon graduate in 1991 with degrees in Management, Marketing and Psychology. I have lived and worked in the Eugene/Springfield area since 1994.

I began working in a small office in Springfield as an assistant property manager in 1995, but was quickly promoted to the head property manager position. In June of 2006 I received my broker’s license. In February of 2008 I was hired by the owner of Bell Real Estate to help in re-organizing and revamping the property management side of their business. Since beginning work with Bell Real Estate, I have steadily increased my activities in helping clients to buy and sell real estate. I work with only a few clients at a time so that I can be sure to meet their needs and serve them to the best of my ability. Since I am not exclusively a real estate agent, I don't rely on real estate commissions to survive. I WORK FOR MY CLIENTS NEEDS, NOT MY OWN.

Languages: English

Interests: University of Oregon football and other sports.

Websites: Website

License #: 960300102


  • Condos
  • First-Time Buyers
  • Investment Properties
  • Property Management
  • Rentals
  • Representing Buyers
  • Representing Sellers

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Professional and efficient.
He was so helpful. Whatever we needed, he was there.
Is there anything you wish Brian Kester did differently?
How did the agent help in finding the right property for you?
He sent me a long list of appropriate homes and was prepared to take me to them all.
How did the agent help to get a good price for you?
We were pleased
Carol Barron - Helped me buy a home/lot/land in 2015
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Brian Kester
Brian did an excellent job helping me sell my home. He was very knowledge of the market in my area enabled me to maximize the profits. With multiply offers he helped me wade through the them to reach the best fit for my need. Brian kept me informed at each step and guided me through the process. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone wanting to sell or buy a home, he is a solid professional.
What did the agent do to market your property?
Open House, Pre-market promotion, and contact other realtors who were interested in rural property.
Did the agent help to make the transaction go smoothly?
Very much. He arranged the work to be done to meet the requirements for the agreed upon buyer requests.
Is there anything you wish Brian Kester did differently?
Delana Still - Helped me sell my home/lot/land in 2015
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Response from Brian Kester
Thank you Delana - You were awesome to work with and I am happy we were able to get more than your list price for the home! Best wishes always!
From managing my property to guiding me through the final sale, Brian can do it all!
Brian was my property manager through Bell Real Estate, and I had a few years of experience with him prior to hiring him as my real estate agent. He helped me sell my house quicker than the expected timeline, which put more money in my pocket. He also did an excellent job of being available at late and early hours to work around my schedule. I really appreciate his thoroughness and expertise! I would hire him again in a second!
What did the agent do to market your property?
Not sure
Did the agent help to make the transaction go smoothly?
Is there anything you wish Brian Kester did differently?
Erin Whitlock - Helped me sell my home/lot/land in 2015
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Response from Brian Kester
Erin - I know it was difficult having to move away when the market was bad and not being able to sell your home years ago. But I am happy we were able to finally get it sold at a price that allowed you to walk away with a little money. Take care!
Tons of patience!
It is a pleasure working with Brian trying to locate a place of my choosing. He is very open and honest about each house we walk into and is ready to lend suggestions when needed.
Samantha Ames - We worked together in 2015
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Response from Brian Kester
Thank you Samantha! I look forward to working with you.
Brian, seems to know alot about real estate, and is very personable, and profesional.
I enjoyed our visit.
cynthia erickson - Helped me buy a home/lot/land in 2014
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Q&A with Brian

How do you help buyers to find the right properties for them?
I listen to what their needs and desires are and look for properties that closely resemble what they are looking for. In my experience, buyers know if a property is right for them almost from the moment they step inside the home. I believe that if it feels like home, then they should buy the home. This has been true of almost every buyer I have worked with. However, I never push any buyer to buy a home. They must feel confident that they want the home. I want my clients to be happy with their purchase even months or years afterwards.
How do you make sure buyers get the best price for the property they are interested in?
Knowing what similar homes are selling for or have sold for and looking at comps helps. I find that most buyers have an idea of what they think the home is worth and I help them adjust that based on the comps by pointing out the differences between homes that may either increase or decrease the value.
What do you do to help market the properties your clients are selling?
I try to be very detailed in my description of the property. I take many photos and record a walk through video of the entire property inside and out.. Since most buyers look at properties online first, I want to give them as much information and views of the property as possible so as to peak their interest enough to want to view the home in person. I market the property on dozens of websites to gain the largest exposure possible.
How do you ensure your sellers get the highest price?
I discuss the list price with the seller and do a market analysis to determine what the potential sales price could be. Based on the sellers needs, I will list the home to provide them the maximum sales price and/or quickest sale. I have found that in some cases, listing homes at a slightly lower price creates competition which causes offer prices to increase. This competition benefits my clients in that rather than getting offers below their asking price and trying to negotiate them higher, my clients get offers at or above what they really want out of the sale. Ultimately, however, the list price is my clients decision. I am their agent here to serve their needs.
What do you recommend sellers do to make sure their selling process is smooth?
I inspect my clients homes and give them advice on things they can do to make the home more presentable to buyers and hopefully increase offers. Everything from minor repairs, de-cluttering and cleaning to major remodels depending on what the client can afford to do and the return they wish to receive in the sale. Reducing the number of issues a property has will generally make it easier to sell at a price that the seller wants to receive. I also let them know what the sales process will be like from start to finish including the potential issues with inspections and repair issues. I want my clients to be happy with my service to them. I try to communicate frequently with my clients and keep them apprised of what is happening with their home.
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