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Alan Palange is a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker with over twenty five years experience in Real Estate sales & Investing. Alan was also the Executive Director of Consumer Lawyers of America, PA located in Florida. Alan worked as a licensed Florida Building Contractor developing many homes from Palm Beach to Palm Bay. Alan Palange was born and raised just outside of Manhattan and moved to Long Island as a young boy. Alan’s family then moved to Miami Florida in 1972. Shortly thereafter Alan attended military school in Texas for two years and started college when he was 16 years old. After coming from New York and living in Miami Alan was extremely hesitant on the trip to Texas, but as circumstances would have it, it turned into a fabulous five years of his life. At age 20 Alan moved back to Miami where he resided for another few years. In 1988 Alan then moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida where he set up his first new business at the ripe age of 24 years old. Alan maintained the business for a number of years until one fateful day he got involved in real estate. After flipping his first house in the early 1990s Alan quickly sold his existing business and made real estate is number one priority. For number of years Alan enjoyed buying and selling real estate. In 1999 Alan then took a semi-retirement and moved to Hawaii after selling all of his remaining assets in Florida. For two years Alan resided in Hawaii where he met his first wife. Alan was very intrigued with Hawaii since his first visit in the late 1970s. After that initial vacation to Hawaii in the 1970's Alan took an oath that one day he would move to Hawaii. After six months of Golf, Scuba Diving, Tennis and an assorted other activities Alan became bored with the typical recreational activities and started seeking out a new business. At about that time Alan’s wife became pregnant with his first son, Benjamin. The decision was made to move back to the mainland, and of course Alan and his new wife landed in Florida. When Alan arrived back in Florida he started looking for a place to reside and was amazed at how the housing prices had started to move rapidly higher in just two short years; it was towards the end of 2001 prices started to Accelerate. Alan remembered telling his friends that if they held any property east of I-95 that it was a definite hold as they would increase in value tremendously over time and of course the closer to the ocean the better. At this time Alan decided to build homes on speculation that he would then flip. In 2002 Alan purchased many acres of land in Port St. Lucie Florida which he later used in his building company, MeiBen Home Builders. Alan rode the wave until the latter part of 2007 when unfortunately the real estate market took a nasty turn for the worse. By the third quarter of 2008 Alan had liquidated all of his real estate holdings. It had become quite evident at that time the distressed real estate market was going to be the place to be. For the next several years Alan was involved in per-foreclosure and short sale properties and rode that wave until the first quarter of 2012. As the market has gained much traction in 2012 and remains strong going into the first quarter of 2013 the market has opened itself up for new opportunities.

Languages: English

Websites: Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook

License #: 639182


  • Auctions
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • First-Time Buyers
  • Investment Properties
  • Rentals
Other Specialities: • Credit Repair,House Flipping Multi Unit

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Alan is the definition of liar. This is a warning to everyone else, trust me.
Anonymous - We worked together in 2016
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Alan and his team were truly amazing!
We were faced with the difficult decision to put my mother-in-law in an assisted care facility and needed to sell her home to cover the anticipated expenses. Not only was Alan's knowledge unsurpassed, but he was very caring and compassionate to our situation. Every step of the process he was there and made it easy and as stress free as possible. In today's world, it is a rarity that you find a professional who truly cares about his clients, can get the job done in a professional manner, and accomplish that in record time and without a single hiccup! Kudos to Alan Palange and his team of professionals!
What did the agent do to market your property?
He did a detailed market analysis to make sure it was priced properly, had an amazing virtual tour of the property posted on YouTube that was page one Google!
Did the agent help to make the transaction go smoothly?
Every step of the way he was on top of his game and controlled the entire process.
Is there anything you wish Alan Palange did differently?
Not a single thing.
James MacArthur - Helped me sell my home/lot/land in 2014
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Alan helped us navigate through some very difficult times, resulting in a successful short sale of our home.
Alan is a consumate professional who assisted us through every challenge we faced. He answered many, many questions for us on a timely basis. His real estate and legal advice was spot on. In addition, he was willing to work with us after hours, on weekends, at our home and he even opened his home to us for counsel. He is a solid, knowledgable and professional individual . We both feel blessed that we were fortunate enough to have worked with him . We consider him a genuine friend.
What did the agent do to market your property?
Alan did whatever was required, whenever it was required !
Did the agent help to make the transaction go smoothly?
Yes...and he took the stress of of us with his persistence and patience.
Is there anything you wish Alan Palange did differently?
No...we could not be more pleased with Alan and the final results he helped us realize. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ALAN !
Harry L. & Sharon D. Hanna - Helped me sell my home/lot/land in 2014
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Alan was great to work with
I have sold three houses in my life so far and have never worked with such a professional. He was always responsive calls. When it came to very specific questions about the real estate transaction I knew Alan was providing accurate advice. He really made the entire process great and restored my belief in Real Estate brokers.
What did the agent do to market your property?
His office made great brochures of the property, provided a virtual tour and made a video that was published on youtube and Google. He actually had the video on page one of Google when someone searched for my sub division.
Did the agent help to make the transaction go smoothly?
Yes, without a doubt
Is there anything you wish Alan Palange did differently?
No, not one thing I could think of. He really was great.
Sharon Burkes - Helped me sell my home/lot/land in 2013
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Alan Palange is a class act!
Alan was extremely helpful in selling our florida home. His years of experience were very much appreciated as he was a complete professional throughout the entire sales process. We will definitely call him again when looking to buy or sell more property.
Michael Todd - Helped me sell my home/lot/land in 2014
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