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Patient and sweet .
Currently very helpful in finding us our first home.
Emma mwangi - We worked together in 2015
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Lisa Lyons
Lisa was very professional and had excellent customer service qualities. She was very knowledgeable of the current realty market
Sam Rose - We talked or met in 2015, but it didn't work.
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Terrible experience
This agent made two appointments with me and did not show-up to any of the appointments, stating she was lost. Even after I gave her the correct addresses, she did not show up. I took time off of work to view these properties and she did not provide professional service.
Movoto Buyer - We talked or met in 2013, but it didn't work
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Survived only because it was not my first rodeo with home buying, overall good experience though
Lisa was very good about getting back to me promptly if I left messages or had questions. She also has a good knowledge of the downtown loft area listings, so she was able to show me lots of good options so I had a wide selection of lofts from which to choose. The entire funding process was a total nightmare (based on the bank used, lessons learned--- avoid Bank of America at all costs). I had to do a ton of my own heavy lifting and keeping multiple people on the same page, which was very difficult to do while managing an intensive care unit with 24 patients, since all things seemed to pop up at 2:00 p.m. Mountain time and they needed resolution/calls/faxing within 60 minutes. The first time I bought a home I don't recall having to do so much endless faxing of documents (though part of the problem was a half-wit underwriter who misplaced 2/3 of what I'd sent 3 weeks prior) so that's not Lisa's fault. But the loan agent reportedly did have some trouble getting in touch with her at times (it took weeks to get a copy of the H06 policy to the loan agent). Also, the seller didn't leave the garage door opener for the parking garage on the first floor of the building, which is assigned to this unit. It was understood that this would be provided at closing. However, it was nowhere to be found and I had to pay $100 to get a new one and have it programmed. I asked that the realtor contact the seller's realtor for contact information to have the seller billed for this inconvenience, but to no avail-- never heard back. So I did my own recon work and found her email address myself through some other sources and took care of the matter myself (as I did throughout most of the buying process for this loft). However, I do recommend Lisa to people looking for trendy loft condos in the downtown Birmingham area. She is approachable and won't leave you hanging on most things. I'm super satisfied with my purchase and with living downtown!
Alex Ward - Helped me buy a home/lot/land in 2013
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Not the best
My husband and I met with Lisa to see a home that we chose not to purchase and then she walked with us up the street to see the home we did end up purchasing. She did help get us an meeting with drhorton so we could put our offer in, but that's about all she did. She never called and spoke with our loan officer, she never really called me or my husband unless she had heard from drhorton about there being a delay in closing. She showed up at closing and told me she was only there to get her check. When she realized it would be a dry closing she left to go to another job and didn't even stay to review the final HUD statement with us. When we finally got the HUD she was gone and our loan officer was still there with us and kind enough to go over it. I will never recommend her to anyone
Is there anything you wish Lisa Lyons did differently?
I wish she knew how to do her job
How did the agent help in finding the right property for you?
She didn't she just happened to walk up the street to the house with us after showing us another property
How did the agent help to get a good price for you?
She didnt... I had to fight for the price we got the house for. She just sat there and did nothing in our meeting to put in our offer.
Rachel - Helped me buy a home/lot/land in 2013
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