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James (Jim) Gross

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James (Jim) Gross

Absolute Real Estate
Hagerstown, MD

Experience: 17 Years
License #: -
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Languages: English

James (Jim) Gross's Realty Transactions

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  Address City Price Date Bed/Bath Sq. Ft.  
229 Wintergreen Ln Brunswick $215,000 05/30/14 3 / 2.5 1,740
5825 Mercantile Dr W Frederick $219,900 05/19/14 4 / 3 -
680 Marion St Hagerstown $189,900 04/13/14 3 / 2 2,000
536 Antietam Dr Hagerstown $149,900 02/26/14 3 / 1 -
1013 Corbett St Hagerstown $69,800 10/29/13 4 / 1.5 2,100
64 Madison Ave Hagerstown $99,900 10/26/13 6 / 2.5 2,560
19540 Elk Ridge Dr Keedysville $299,900 09/02/13 4 / 2 2,400
19546 Elk Ridge Dr Keedysville $239,900 07/31/13 4 / 3 2,400
1040 Valleybrook Dr Hagerstown $159,900 05/23/13 4 / 1.5 2,100
23 North Ave Hagerstown $99,900 04/14/13 3 / 1 996
517 Salem Ave Hagerstown $104,900 03/14/13 5 / 2 2,184
1016 Brinker Dr #301 Hagerstown $66,898 12/18/12 2 / 1 1,000
452 Valery Ct Millersville $399,900 07/13/12 4 / 3 2,062
4811 Arabia Ave Baltimore $85,000 10/18/11 3 / 2 -
2303 Mc Guigan Dr Joppa $218,000 05/16/11 3 / 1 1,260
817 Maryland Ave Hagerstown $84,900 09/20/10 3 / 1 -
819 Maryland Ave Hagerstown $77,900 09/20/10 3 / 1 -
19540 Garretts Mill Rd Knoxville $109,900 05/09/10 4 / 1.5 1,200
505 Dunn Irvin Dr Hagerstown $114,800 04/22/10 2 / 1 924
442 Summit Ave Hagerstown $139,900 03/11/10 4 / 1 2,016
706708 N Mulberry St Hagerstown $114,900 03/03/10 3 / 1.5 2,000
11825 Seminole Dr Smithsburg $214,900 11/09/09 3 / 2 2,300
106 Gabriel Ct Smithsburg $209,900 09/24/09 4 / 2 1,700
20317 Kellys Ln Hagerstown $154,900 02/27/09 3 / 3 1,788
*List not guaranteed to be complete.
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About Realtor James (Jim) Gross

About Me:
I am an Independent Broker, very much like your Mom and Pop store. I can do what all of the nationwide brokers can do but also provide the best service.I have a mortgage background which helps me in all phases of Real estate. I am available 24/7 and most of my business comes from referrals. I take pride in making sure that I over deliver and under promise.

How do you help buyers to find the right properties for them?
I help my buyers find the best property for them by introducing them to a good lender to see what they qualify for, by dentifying exactly what my buyer is looking for and finally setting up an automatic search for my client which makes finding a home very simple.

How do you make sure buyers get the best price for the property they are interested in?
I make sure that my buyers get the best price by being sure by analysis that the offer that we submit will be competitive but surely less than the property is worth and also less than what my client wants to spend.

What do you do to help market the properties your clients are selling?
Our MLS system is the most effective way to maket a home. The customers having access to all of the MLS listings via the internet has made marketing a property very simple. I also do some local TV advertising and also of educate my sellers on what to do to the home to make it more saleable.

How do you ensure your sellers get the highest price?
I make sure my sellers get the highest price by being sure that the home shows well, that all potential buyers know of all of the best financing options available and that the home is exposed to all of the agents in our marketplace.

What do you recommend sellers do to make sure their selling process is smooth?
My job is to make a transaction go smoothly, if my sellers are open to my advice the transaction will be a win win for all parties involved.

Representing Buyers, First-Time Buyers, Foreclosures
Interests: I am very involved in sports as I officiate wrestling, volleyball and softball. I also coach girls volleyball as volleyball is my new passion. I also try to work-out on a regular basis as my previous occupation was running Health Clubs.
Certifications/Awards: -
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Reviews of James (Jim) Gross

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August 26, 2015
A pleasant and wonderful experience with Jim.
Jim is an excellent agent and was very helpful with giving us information about Hagerstown as well as supplying us with contacts for the utilities and other services needed. He is very professional and it was great doing business with him. I recommend him highly.
How did the agent help in finding the right property for you?
Went out of his way to find us exactly the home we wanted.
- Jurgen and Heidi Strobel (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2015 in Hagerstown, MO)
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April 01, 2015
We had a great experience.
James was very helpful and professional. It was due to James that we purchased a home in Hagerstown. He was very informative and helped us look for a new home that met our needs. He did an excellent job in assisting us as we had all kinds of wants and needs.
Is there anything you wish James (Jim) Gross did differently?
no, he has done everything that we needed
How did the agent help in finding the right property for you?
he continued to search until we found a home that met our needs
How did the agent help to get a good price for you?
I think the price was left up to the builder as it is a new construction
- Jurgen and Heidi Strobel (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2015 in Hagerstown, MD)
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February 07, 2015
Jim was very respectful to my wife and me by letting us look through the home. After we got done he proceeded to give us further information. Took the time to speak with us.
What were your next steps?
Getting letter of approval
- Dale Showe (Worked with James (Jim) Gross in 2015 in clearspring, MD)
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February 07, 2015
Took time to explain + refer to more help when others would not.
Jim has responded within hours(sometimes minutes) of our questions +/or requests. Thanks, Jim.
What were your next steps?
Follow Jim's suggestion, & proceed forward.
- Cas & Dana Kriechbaum (Worked with James (Jim) Gross in 2015 in Hagerstown, MD)
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November 09, 2014
Jim has been plesant to work with since day one.
A good attentive experience with sincere concern for long term satisfaction.
- Troy Gandy (Worked with James (Jim) Gross in 2014 in Hagerstown , MD)
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July 15, 2014
Strange encounter
The agent in his own words was new to the Realtor end of things. He said he was a broker trying the other side of things and it showed. He was dressed very casual, we didnt recognize him as an agent. No card,nothing. His main concern was getting us to put in an offer. Basically as soon as we walked in. He did not walk the home with us or provide us with any info on the home . When we were spoke to,we were spoke to like children. You know he didn´t even tell us the house had 3 tax liens on it! This guy is just not very good. If compared to other agents we have worked with he would be the worst. Maybe he´ll get better as time goes on. Pay attention to the buyer, know the home and area. Dress and speak appropriately. Oh yeah and not seem so desperate to sell a home that the buyer does not like.
Does the agent seem knowledgeable and experienced?
Not really
Has the agent been responsive to your communications?
- paul campanaro (Met with James (Jim) Gross in 2014 in Burkittsville , MD)
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James (Jim) Gross Real Estate Agent
September 15, 2014
I was initially met a young lady at the house that I believe was Paul's daughter. I explained to her that I was an independent Broker and having been in the business over 10 years. I always give a new client a card which I gave to the daughter. I was dressed casually and if someone is looking for a shirt and tie guy with a Real Estate pin on, it surely isn't me. I believe I should be recognized for my work ethic and integrity and not for what I wear. I always allow my clients to meander through a home as I have found people want to go at their own pace and don't want to be sold. I will before leaving the property let them know what I think are the houses strong points and my opinion on it's price. I always say, " I have never sold a house to anyone" I just help people do what they want to do. In regards to liens on a home all homes must be sold free and clear of liens and judgments and this is only found via a full title search once the house is under contract by the title company. I also had spoken to the listing agent prior to meeting this client and he informed me that an offer had already been received which is why I expressed a sense of urgency to this client. The biggest issue was when Mr Campanaro showed up with his own agent., it was quite uncomfortable. In this business I always try not to step on someone elses toes and this situation was borderline unethical and one that I never want to be apart of. This buyer must have been confused about how Real Estate works or who they thought they had called or I am sure they would not have tried to have two different agents help them buy the same house. I hope this buyer found what they were looking for and I wish I could have played a bigger role.

June 23, 2014
Excellent Transaction
Excellent and smooth transaction. Would highly recommend Jim.
- Pamela Troncatti (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2014 in Hagerstown, MD)
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March 22, 2014
Very professional.
I was very impressed with Mr Gross. I felt very at ease with him. Looking forward to doing business with him,
Is there anything you wish James (Jim) Gross did differently?
How did the agent help in finding the right property for you?
How did the agent help to get a good price for you?
We haven't yet gotten that far in the sell.
- Pamela Troncatti (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2014 in Hagerstown, MD)
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March 19, 2014
Jim was good, right on time, disappointed in my remarks on the deplorable property, however.
The name is John.
- Wally & John McClure (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2014)
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James (Jim) Gross Real Estate Agent
September 15, 2014
I felt that the house I initially showed had rehab potential, he did not. I have dealt with John many times since first meeting him, providing him information and showing him houses. I am sure that one of these days I will help John purchase a home that he will be happy with.

October 31, 2013
Absolutely Terrific Broker
Jim, was great to work with! He was there for us all the way through our home buying experience. Jim, was very friendly & answered all our questions & concerns. Would definitely reccommend him!!
Is there anything you wish James (Jim) Gross did differently?
NO, everything was done correctly
How did the agent help in finding the right property for you?
We were shown the house as soon as it went on the market & Jim helped us to get a contract on the house quickly!
How did the agent help to get a good price for you?
Jim helped us to get a good price & also helped us to get help with the closing costs.
- Sandra Davis (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2013 in Hagerstown, MD)
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August 28, 2013
Jim has been extremely responsive.
Jim has explained very well the process of buying a repossessed home. He is helping me in trying to purchase a home even though I am in a different state.
- Judy Hanson (Worked with James (Jim) Gross in 2013 in MD)
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July 28, 2013
Seemless and easy
Jim not only is an well rounded experienced relator he is a great and friendly person. I really feel he has his clients best interest at heart. His knowledge in the market and the way he lays out the market to us is unmatched. I feel comfortable in putting my real estate needs in the hands of Jim. I will be recommending to anyone i know looking for a home.
- Tracey Moss (Worked with James (Jim) Gross in 2013 in Hagerstown, MD)
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June 21, 2013
Very helpful knowledgeable agent.
Very helpful agent who was flexible with his time and helpful to people new to the lot shopping experience. Jim went above and beyond to make sure we had all the information we needed to make an offer on a building lot. I would highly recommend Jim as a realtor for a home or land purchase.
Is there anything you wish Jim Gross did differently?
How did the agent help in finding the right property for you?
Set up email notifications with our specifications which were delivered regularly.
How did the agent help to get a good price for you?
Provided comparable sales prices for the area.
- kristin mielcarek (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2013 in Hagerstown, MD)
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February 21, 2013
Great agent
Jim is a great agent, very knowledgeable and helpful. I was new to the area and he helped find a great house and put me in touch with people to help do the work I needed done.
- Robin Lock (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2011 in hagerstown, MD)
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January 27, 2013
Best Real Estate Agent, Hands Down!
Jim has been a God send to us. When we first moved to MD we turned to one of the more popular agencies all over the tri-state area. We worked with two agents from the same agency, one in WV and the other in MD. Our agent in MD was a bit pushy and seemingly put-off by our smaller budget and lack of enthusiasm in her choices of available properties she wanted us to drive miles just to look at. I felt like she didn´t think our price range was worth her going to much effort for us. Ultimately, her tactics to just "get us in" a place were in favor of the seller (!), so we ended our business relationship. Our agent in WV with the same company was no better. We ended up having to do our own appraisal on a property we wanted to put an offer on (after a huge botch job by her severely underestimating another property´s value we´d had hopes for), due to the property being listed by, of course, the same agency. I began to realize this very popular agency was like McDonald´s - too many for our own good and not much in the way of quality.

When I found Jim, I was at my wits end. I knew as soon as I spoke with him, however, that he was different. He immediately understood what my husband and I were looking for, what our price range was, etc. He NEVER made me feel like we weren´t worth the effort, he ALWAYS looked out for our best interests, he NEVER made us drive miles and miles just to look at a place before we asked him to meet us there so we could go inside! He did the preliminary "looking" himself, keeping all of our criteria in mind. He was fantastic!

With Jim´s help and expertise, we quickly settled on our first home. He helped us every step of the way, was always kind, experienced, professional, and on top of every detail with great precision! When we decided to move some years later, Jim was our "go-to" guy, bar-none. Again, he helped us every step of the way, was patient, helped us sell our house during the downturn of the economy and went above and beyond an agent´s responsibilities to his clients to see that we did well in both selling our old home and buying our new one this past 2010.

My husband and I cannot thank Jim Gross enough for his dedication, his hard work, his honesty, his integrity, his expertise. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking help in real estate. He´s the BEST!
- Mrs. Ellis (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2010 in Knoxville, MD)
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January 27, 2013
- RANDY AND JUDY LIVENGOOD (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2013 in HAGERSTOWN, MD)
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January 26, 2013
Energetic, knowledgeable, patient, and made the whole experience very easy and painless.
Jim helped us buy and sell our 1 st home and made the experience as first time home buyers a great one! When it came time to sell the 1st place 7 yrs later we turned to Jim and he was very positive and patient. Given that we were trying to sell in the middle of a recession this was important. After selling the 1st place he helped us find our new house that we love and plan to live in for a long time. I´d highly reccomend Jim to anyone on the house hunt.
- Sarah Corder-Smith (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2010 in Hagerstown and Smithburg, MD)
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January 25, 2013
Made buying a home possible when I thought it wasn´t
I bought two houses through JIm Gross One directly through him and one through a person he referred me to because he was not licensed in WV but JIm still helped me with all the questions I had and he made buying my first home possible when others said I should wait. I haves referred several of my friends and family members to JIm and everyone of them has had a great experience.
- David Smith (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2000 in Frederick , MD)
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January 24, 2013
Made buying my first house quick and easy
Jim listened to all of my wants and helped me find my first house on the very first day of house hunting. He went above and beyond the call of duty. He helped me find a great mortgage company, inspectors, and took care of everything I needed before closing. After closing, he helped me find electricians, handymen, etc. I would highly recommend Jim.
- Steve (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2012 in Hagerstown, MD)
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January 24, 2013
Jim was great, he is always willing to help and gets the job done.
I´ve known Jim for about ten years and when i decided to look for a house i let him know. Within 24 hours of letting him know he called me and had a house for me to look at. Needless to say i was very impressed. He explained everything i needed to know and was great through the whole process. He knows how to get things done and will do what it takes to make sure his customer is satisfied! If anyone is in the market for a house i would talk to Jim first.
- Justin (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2013 in Hagerstownc, MD)
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January 24, 2013
Not entirely sure what you want here.
Went above and beyond the call of duty!!!
- Charles King (Sold home with James (Jim) Gross in 2012 in Hagerstown, MD)
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January 23, 2013
I was a first time homeowner and single mom concerned that I could be taken advantage of. Jim was patient, he listened to what I had to say, answered my questions, and kept it positive. At the end of the day he helped me find my first house and I love it!!!!
- Stacie Webb (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2013 in MD)
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January 23, 2013
The best
Jim has always been there for us in our buying or selling a home.
- WinnieBrawner (Sold home with James (Jim) Gross in 2007 in Hagerstown, MD)
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January 23, 2013
Jim was excellent at guiding me through the homebuying process.
Jim´s experience with first time homebuyers was extremely helpful. He was very thorough at explaining the process, and providing information for programs I would have never known about. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone ready to purchase a home.
- Thomas Giffin (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2011 in Hagerstown)
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January 23, 2013
Excellent Home Buying Experience
In early 2012 I made a decision to get back into owning my own home. I have owned several homes in the past so I was not a novice regarding the overall process. I found Jim to be one of the finest agents that I have worked with. If you want an agent with a fancy office, expensive conference rooms and you are being driven around in a Cadillac Escalade then Jim is not for you. If you want an agent who truly cares about you, your family needs, will work relentlessly on your behalf to find the home of your dreams and someone who won´t push you into something you´re not completely satisfied with, then Jim is the perfect agent for you. Even when I thought I found the home I had been looking for and actually began negotiations, Jim never stopped showing me houses. As Jim likes to say, "It´s always good to have a back-up plan" and let me tell you he was right. Not only did the negotiations fall apart, but Jim found a home for me that the minute I walked in it I said, "this is it, this is my dream home". One week later my offer was accepted and I have been living in my dream home for almost a year now and I am loving every minute. Not only will I use Jim again, but I would highly recommend Jim to anyone who is buying a home, regardless if it is your first time or you 10th time buying a home. Jim is truly that good.
- Robert J Moran Jr (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2012 in Hagerstown, MD)
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January 23, 2013
Throughout my experience with Jim he has always immediately answered any questions honestly and efficiently.He assisted me with the sale of two properties in a very timely manner with little to no problems.
- vicki martel (Sold home with James (Jim) Gross in 2011 in Joppa, MD)
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January 23, 2013
Home Buyer
Jim is an excellent agent, he stayed with my husband and I through quite a few home tours. In the end he found us the dream home that we never thought we would get. Thank you!
- Jackolyn Spong (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2011)
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January 23, 2013
Preseident Antietam Cable Television
Assisted me with transitioning here in 2010. Very helpful in helping me understand the market and find suitable housing for me through a work transition
- Brian Lynch (Talked with James (Jim) Gross in 2010 in Hagerstown, MD)
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January 23, 2013
The purchase of my home went just as Jim said that it would.
Jim was very personable and helpful. He was very easy to get in touch with and was with me every step of the way. I am very happy with my home and Jim was a big help.
- Lenny S. (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2012 in Hagerstown, MD)
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January 23, 2013
Excellent Realtor
Mr. Gross helped me buy a home and help sell my home. Mr.Gross is a wonderful person to working with and always gave me 110%. I would refer Mr. Gross to a friend any day.
- Joann Celestial (Bought a home with James (Jim) Gross in 2004 in Smithsburg, MD)
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