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Beth L Earnest

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Beth L Earnest

Premiere Property Group
Portland, OR

Experience: 24 Years
License #: -
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Languages: English

Beth L Earnest's Realty Transactions

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  Address City Price Date Bed/Bath Sq. Ft.  
710 SW Carson St Portland $325,000 10/09/13 3 / 2 1,800
9243 NE Broadway St Portland $215,000 09/27/13 3 / 1 1,620
9805 NW Ash St Portland $480,000 09/16/13 4 / 2.5 2,737
9397 NW Fox Hollow Ct Portland $477,500 09/03/13 4 / 3 2,514
2911 SW Plum Ct Portland $365,000 07/26/13 4 / 3 2,928
3015 SW Westwood Dr Portland $585,000 07/08/13 4 / 3 3,440
12200 SW Faircrest St Portland $310,000 07/04/13 3 / 1 1,373
9215 NW Stark Ct Portland $449,000 07/01/13 4 / 2 2,392
12030 SW Walker Rd Beaverton $180,000 06/20/13 2 / 1 1,084
8899 NE Dog Ridge Rd Newberg $849,000 06/19/13 4 / 3.5 3,738
9811 NW Brie Ct Portland $485,000 06/17/13 5 / 3 2,891
12330 SW 60th Ave Portland $299,000 06/05/13 3 / 2 2,429
205 NW 86th Ave Portland $495,000 11/05/12 6 / 3 3,392
1552 NW 127th TER Portland $552,000 10/18/13 4 / 2.5 2,722
3125 SE Lincoln St Portland $412,000 10/04/13 3 / 1.5 2,262
15493 NW Troon Dr Portland $415,000 10/04/13 3 / 2 1,908
12627 SE 128th Ct Happy Valley $313,000 10/03/13 3 / 2.5 1,926
15985 SW Falcon Dr Beaverton $735,000 09/30/13 6 / 3.5 4,362
12355 NW Maple Hill Ln Portland $1,125,000 09/30/13 5 / 5.5 8,113
10271 NW Forest View Way Portland $269,900 09/27/13 4 / 3 2,073
2614 NW Kennedy Ct #139 Portland $239,950 09/25/13 2 / 2 1,422
1785 SW Wynwood Ave Portland $345,000 09/19/13 3 / 2 1,259
12825 SW Dale Cir Beaverton $222,000 09/13/13 3 / 1.5 1,215
1434 SW 5th Pl Gresham $234,500 08/31/13 4 / 3 1,920
2654 SE 166th Ave Portland $200,000 08/29/13 3 / 2 1,378
29233 SE Stark St Troutdale $975,000 08/28/13 3 / 4.5 5,017
12760 SW Douglas St Portland $203,500 08/28/13 3 / 1 876
345 NW 88th Ave Portland $610,000 08/20/13 6 / 3 3,734
6120 SW Madison Ct Portland $725,000 08/16/13 3 / 2 2,260
9285 SW Galena Way Beaverton $290,000 07/26/13 3 / 2.5 1,643
17313 SW Baker St Aloha $263,500 07/21/13 3 / 2 1,320
19005 NW Astoria Dr Portland $348,000 07/19/13 4 / 3 2,168
4675 SW Beech Dr Beaverton $165,000 07/19/13 2 / 1 782
10335 SW Denney Rd Beaverton $191,000 07/03/13 2 / 2.5 1,731
621 NE Hazelfern Pl Portland $569,000 06/29/13 4 / 2.5 3,681
15471 Brianne Ct Lake Oswego $225,000 06/28/13 2 / 2.5 1,204
310 3rd Ave Oregon City $139,900 06/28/13 2 / 1 1,118
2454 NW Burnett St Portland $349,500 06/17/13 3 / 2.5 1,792
1692 NW 143rd Ave Portland $160,000 06/14/13 2 / 2 1,039
8320 SE 144th Dr Portland $268,000 05/30/13 3 / 2.5 1,792
7314 SW Eton Ct Portland $900,000 05/29/13 4 / 4.5 4,697
10351 SW Trapper TER Beaverton $102,000 05/16/13 2 / 1 1,016
19230 SW Willow Creek Ct Beaverton $230,000 05/03/13 3 / 2 1,605
17246 SW Pleasanton Ln Beaverton $190,000 04/26/13 3 / 2.5 1,444
16000 SW Audubon St #102 Beaverton $140,000 04/26/13 2 / 2.5 1,046
5228 NW Shoreline Way Portland $420,000 04/12/13 4 / 2.5 2,863
585 NW Lost Springs TER #104 Portland $219,000 04/05/13 2 / 2 1,196
2323 SW Park Pl #102 Portland $265,000 03/29/13 2 / 2 1,508
16379 SW Gearin Ct Tigard $295,000 03/28/13 3 / 2 2,020
3290 NW 112th Pl Portland $875,000 03/19/13 4 / 4 4,503
5773 SW Coventry Pl Beaverton $240,000 03/15/13 3 / 2.5 1,728
6024 SW 33rd Pl Portland $392,000 03/08/13 4 / 3.5 2,907
4390 SW Parkview Ave Portland $550,000 03/07/13 3 / 3 2,505
6041 SW Salmon St Portland $399,000 02/22/13 3 / 2.5 2,588
1926 W Burnside St #408 Portland $230,000 01/14/13 1 / 1 717
3601 SW River Pkwy #505 Portland $239,000 11/21/12 1 / 1 830
13285 NW Lovejoy St Portland $305,000 11/01/12 3 / 3 2,004
12260 SW Denfield St Beaverton $185,000 09/21/12 4 / 2 1,498
6345 SW Seymour St Portland $385,000 09/14/12 3 / 2.5 2,881
13245 NW Helen Ln Portland $745,000 09/14/12 4 / 2.5 3,707
16558 NW Oak Creek Dr Beaverton $252,500 08/23/12 3 / 2.5 1,605
9160 SW Washington St Portland $360,000 08/23/12 3 / 3.5 2,199
120 SW 102nd Ave Portland $405,000 08/03/12 4 / 2.5 2,629
10125 SW Todd St Portland $410,000 08/02/12 4 / 2.5 2,004
1000 SW Tropicana Ave Beaverton $227,500 07/21/12 3 / 2 1,285
16698 NW Stoller Dr Portland $310,000 06/29/12 5 / 2.5 2,360
1650 NW 102nd Ave Portland $1,099,000 06/18/12 4 / 4.5 4,493
10118 SW Washington St Portland $350,000 06/06/12 3 / 2.5 1,895
1660 NW 102nd Ave Portland $1,195,000 06/01/12 5 / 4.5 5,107
16562 NW Canton St Portland $456,750 05/11/12 4 / 3 2,538
825 NW Torrey View Ln Portland $420,000 05/09/12 4 / 2.5 2,549
9267 NW Harvest Hill Dr Portland $392,360 05/09/12 5 / 3 2,237
921 Beach Dr Seaside $325,000 04/20/12 4 / 2 1,912
5375 SW Elm Ave Beaverton $286,000 03/30/12 3 / 2 1,312
6024 SW 33rd Pl Portland $420,000 03/29/12 4 / 3.5 2,907
11094 SW Adele Dr Portland $332,500 03/27/12 3 / 2.5 2,144
8327 NW Adams St Portland $540,000 03/16/12 3 / 2.5 3,046
16431 SW Marcile Ln Beaverton $320,000 03/14/12 4 / 2.5 2,921
11775 SW Lynnfield Ln Portland $656,000 02/28/12 4 / 3.5 4,700
7736 SW Barnes Rd #A Portland $99,500 02/24/12 1 / 1.5 910
6024 SW 33rd Pl Portland $440,000 02/10/12 4 / 3.5 2,907
1700 Village Park Ln Lake Oswego $658,500 02/01/12 4 / 4 4,945
13838 NW Rock Creek Rd Portland $555,000 12/30/11 3 / 3.5 5,112
7635 N Chatham Ave Portland $199,000 12/27/11 2 / 1 1,105
2547 NE 16th Ave Portland $820,000 12/09/11 4 / 4 3,727
6282 SE Virginia St Hillsboro $133,000 11/30/11 3 / 2.5 1,425
14170 SW Barlow Ct Beaverton $218,500 10/14/11 3 / 2 1,832
990 SW Tropicana Ave Beaverton $202,000 09/22/11 3 / 1.5 1,285
3808 NE 7th Ave Portland $380,000 09/22/11 3 / 2.5 2,508
3034 SW Idaho St Portland $219,000 08/01/11 3 / 2 1,436
17154 NW Woodmere Ct Beaverton $497,000 07/29/11 4 / 2.5 2,943
2832 SW Arnold St Portland $642,000 07/27/11 4 / 3.5 3,610
5267 N Bowdoin St Portland $275,000 07/02/11 4 / 1 1,748
18137 NW Dustin Ln Beaverton $255,000 06/30/11 4 / 2.5 1,977
16100 NW Saint Andrews Dr Portland $390,000 06/17/11 3 / 2.5 2,136
921 Beach Dr Seaside $399,000 06/02/11 4 / 2 1,912
1535 NW 118th Ct Portland $376,000 06/02/11 4 / 3 2,629
4706 SE 79th Ave Portland $138,000 05/27/11 3 / 1.5 1,134
11725 SW Butner Rd Portland $175,000 05/22/11 6 / 1.5 1,430
11326 SW 84th Ave Portland $267,000 05/20/11 3 / 2.5 1,640
1660 NW 102nd Ave Portland $1,195,000 05/18/11 5 / 4.5 5,107
3034 SW Idaho St Portland $219,000 05/09/11 3 / 2 1,436
2703 SE Spruce St Hillsboro $210,000 05/03/11 4 / 3 2,212
17154 NW Woodmere Ct Beaverton $497,000 04/13/11 4 / 2.5 2,943
12040 SW Davies Rd Beaverton $207,500 04/01/11 4 / 2 1,792
7233 SW Benz Park Ct Portland $337,500 04/01/11 3 / 2 2,364
3080 NW 123rd Pl Portland $618,000 04/01/11 4 / 3 3,672
714 NW Skyline Crest Rd Portland $530,000 03/25/11 3 / 2 2,934
1650 NW 102nd Ave Portland $1,099,000 03/22/11 4 / 4.5 4,493
1660 SW Huntington Ave Portland $260,000 03/17/11 3 / 1.5 1,247
16431 SW Marcile Ln Beaverton $340,000 03/04/11 4 / 2.5 2,921
120 SW 102nd Ave Portland $417,500 01/03/11 4 / 2.5 2,629
1624 SE Flavel St Portland $453,000 12/02/10 4 / 2.5 2,345
2454 NW Westover #A104 Portland $525,000 11/30/10 2 / 2 1,947
15043 SW Cyber Ct Beaverton $289,000 11/19/10 3 / 2.5 2,108
2415 NW Pinnacle Dr Portland $825,000 08/04/10 3 / 2.5 3,983
9530 SW Taylor St Portland $435,000 07/13/10 4 / 3 2,848
1811 NW Cedar Ridge Dr Portland $903,500 06/30/10 4 / 3.5 5,005
1633 SW Maplecrest Dr Portland $348,000 05/24/10 2 / 2 2,036
35225 N Hwy 101 Nehalem $322,000 05/21/10 3 / 0.5 1,500
35225 N Hwy 101 Nehalem $322,000 05/21/10 3 / 0.5 1,500
35225 N Hwy 101 Nehalem $322,000 05/21/10 3 / 0.5 1,500
35225 N Hwy 101 Nehalem $322,000 05/21/10 3 / 0.5 1,500
6590 SW 89th Pl Portland $325,000 04/19/10 3 / 2 1,689
1010 SW 170th Ave #100 Beaverton $127,500 04/15/10 1 / 1 722
15280 NW Vance Dr Portland $480,000 04/02/10 4 / 2.5 2,887
7312 NE Nelly St Hillsboro $245,000 03/05/10 3 / 2.5 1,721
1613 Ash St Forest Grove $186,200 02/03/10 3 / 2 1,574
8512 SW 62nd Ave Portland $420,000 12/28/09 3 / 3 2,672
13020 SW 22nd St Beaverton $220,000 11/19/09 3 / 1 1,260
6303 SE Maple St Hillsboro $250,000 10/22/09 3 / 2 1,449
8558 N Charleston Ave Portland $255,000 08/28/09 3 / 1 2,219
1937 NW Tivoli Ln Portland $1,144,000 03/16/09 4 / 2 4,476
*List not guaranteed to be complete.
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About Realtor Beth L Earnest

About Me:
I take pride in providing exceptional service to each and every one of my clients and their individuals needs. My goal has always been to provide the smoothest transaction possible. My team and I are dedicated to exceeding your highest expectations.

Representing Buyers, Representing Sellers, First-Time Buyers, Relocations, Rent-to-Owns, Luxury Properties
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Portland Metropolitan Association Of Realtors, Oregon Multiple Listing Service system

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Reviews of Beth L Earnest

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June 24, 2015
great. had not bought home in 30 years. Beth walked me through everything..a real advocate for the home buye
Had not gone through the purchasing process in 30years. Beth walked me through each step. Made sure I understood. Answered my many questions patienty
- genat8 turner (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2015 in king city, OR)
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May 05, 2014
Very Flexible team
I met with Tracy, she promptly called me after I expressed interest in a property and was able to meet me within a few hours. She was very nice and knowledgeable.
- Saba Jhaveri (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2014 in Beaverton, OR)
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February 11, 2014
So Happy in our New Home
My husband and I bought our first home last year with Beth Earnest & Associates. Beth and her assistant, Tracy, are amazing at what they do. We were in the market at a very stressful time (low inventory, bidding wars, escalation clauses) and Beth was calm, cool and professional, helping us navigate the rough seas of home buying with ease. She and Tracy amazingly got us into every single home we wanted see, often within a few hours and even once, at the spur of the moment when we drove by something we didn´t know was on the market! What makes Beth stand out, is how effortlessly she can navigate the most difficult terrain with ease. In the midst of real estate frenzy, Beth kept her cool and kept us from buying into the chaos. And, at times, when the market was crazy and things seemed hopeless, Beth kept our spirits high and really believed that we would find our dream home. She is extremely knowledgeable about neighborhoods and schools and helped us determine which neighborhoods (areas) would deliver what we were looking for. When viewing homes, she investigated all things we weren´t focused on--potential pit-falls that could make or break the deal. She wanted to not only make sure we bought a home we loved, but a home that would provide for us for years to come and a home that would be a great investment. And that´s why I know she´s passionate about what she does. It´s not just a job. She and Tracy really wanted us to find "home." And, finally it happened and everything came together, just like she said it would. I look back and there is a certain knowing in any profession when you have seen it all. She negotiated the deal with finesse. Even thought it was at times stressful, I was thankful that we chose someone who is exceptional at their craft. Beth was able to land the best possible deal for us. Whether you are buying or selling a multi-million dollar estate in the West Hills or are humble, first-time home buying like us, Beth is the best there is. Thanks Beth, Tracy and Kara. We are so happy in our new home.
Is there anything you wish Beth L Earnest did differently?
She was wonderful. I can't think of anything that could have made this a more positive experience
How did the agent help in finding the right property for you?
Patience and professionalism
How did the agent help to get a good price for you?
Her negotiating skills were excellent
- Tara (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2014 in Portland, OR)
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July 08, 2013
Wonderful Experience
After eighteen years of wishing I lived closer to my children and grandchildren, Tracy La-Flamme-Swall and Beth Earnest made that wish come true. My SE home sold after the very first showing. Tracy worked with a difficult inspection report to keep the sale on track and me calm. She arrange for the old oil tank to be decommissioned and the septic tank bolstered according to the legal requirements.

After the sale Tracy helped me relocate to Beaverton, finding the perfect condo. She explained every step of the way and two months after the closing of my home, I was in my new home.

Thanks Tracy and Beth I couldn´t have done it without you.
What did the agent do to market your property?
Helped me declutter and showcase my home. Gave helpful tips like turn leave all the lights on when you leave the house for a showing
Did the agent help to make the transaction go smoothly?
Is there anything you wish Beth Earnest did differently?
- Marilyn Grendele (Sold home with Beth L Earnest in 2013 in Portland, OR)
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June 03, 2013
The meeting did not take place...1 was 1 week from moving...completely packed...all utilities changed over....everything done just to find out the seller would not agree to the appraisal price..i lost not only my new home but also $830.00 from the appraisal and the inspection. Was the worst experience that I have ever been thru..i am still coping with what happened....No one should be allowed to do to me what the seller was allowed to do..i was told 2 time that they had a verbal from the seller when I reality they either did not or he just decided to change his mind....It definitely put a big mistrust in me towards purchasing a home again....
Is there anything you wish Beth Earnest did differently?
I wish they would have gotten in touch with the seller long before I ever packed up my entire apt....had everything changed over to the new address and I was 1 week away from having no place to live if they had of rented my apt out....I find it just unbelievable still that I was able to go up to 1 week before closing just to have everything taken out from under me on that purchase....
- Michael McLaughlin (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2013 in Beaverton, OR)
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Beth L Earnest Real Estate Agent
November 25, 2013
Please read Michael's review below. As Michael says in his review "everything done just to find out the seller would not agree to the appraisal price" at the last minute. Unfortunately, these circumstances were beyond our control. This is a lender issue. The Beth Earnest Team was in constant contact with the seller's agent and the buyer's lender to have the issue resolved. We were as devastated as Michael with the outcome of this transaction

February 21, 2013
I have been working directly with Tracy LaFlamme and Beth Earnest has been working hard behind the scenes....I just found out this evening that my offer on a townhouse has been accepted...i cannot put into words how thankful i am to Tracy and to Beth for all of their hard work and dedication in helping me find my new home...i have had realtors in the past that could not do what they have done in a short amount of time...they are to be commended on not only their work ethic but on their ability to have the empathy to understand what a person goes thru buying their first stressful it can be and knowing exactly what to say and what to do to make it a wonderful highest of recommendations for them both....
- Michael McLaughlin (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2013 in Beaverton, OR)
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January 04, 2013
i have been treated with respect and dignity wile hunting for a home with beth earnest
beth has been great about sending me up to date listings that match my search criteria the representives she has assigned to work with me in my quest have been very helpfull and have explained things that i wasent aware of in buying a home it shows that they have my best intrest in mind and want to make my quest as easy and plesurable as possable they want to make the deal i get right for me and the seller this is a truly top notch teem in the realestate busness i am thankfull to have beth working with me and will be recomending her to other friends and family as a hard working very fair upstanding person to work with in buying a home . thank you beth robert schultz
- robert schultz (Worked with Beth L Earnest in 2013 in portland, OR)
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August 23, 2012
Will continue to use her in the future
I have used Beth Earnest to sell and purchase my last two homes and will continue to use her in the future. She has been very responsive to communications and definitely "knows her stuff".

On the selling side, Beth has built many relationships with other Realtors which helps bring in potential buyers that may not have opted to view your home while searching on their own. Although I´ve heard Open Houses don´t produce a lot of sales, Beth and her staff still held many while selling my homes to increase the odds of a sale. She is also honest and skilled with her assessments of client´s homes as they begin the sales process.

On the buying side, Beth´s strengths are in getting to know the client´s tastes in order to narrow down house searches, resolving significant issues on the inspector´s punch list in her client´s favor, as well as negotiating a good price. In my dealings with Beth, she also has never tried to push me into buying something that made me uncomfortable.
- Completely satisfied (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2011 in OR)
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August 23, 2012
Beth surpasses the term the "extra mile".
Beth surpasses the term the "extra mile". We have bought and sold houses with her and have been very pleased with all transactions on each end. She keeps you informed with details regarding the purchases and or sales, she is very aware of the market and backs up her research with facts, and leaves you not wondering...maybe I could have done a little better. She can do wonders on the financing end and enjoy working with her on all levels, I look forward to the next deal!
- Happy client (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2012 in OR)
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August 23, 2012
She goes above and beyond in helping her clients
Beth has helped me sell 3 homes and purchase 2. I have referred her to several friends and they all have been happy with the service Beth provides. She has extensive real estate knowledge and can offer solid advise. She goes above and beyond in helping her clients. I would highly recommend Beth.
- Very content (Sold home with Beth L Earnest in 2011 in OR)
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August 23, 2012
We have worked with Beth a couple times and love her dearly!
We have worked with Beth a couple times and love her dearly! The first time she helped us buy a house, and even with multiple buyers interested in it got us a good deal (for the time). In 2011 she sold a different house for us, in probably the worst market of this whole real estate crisis. Friends and family told us not to get our hopes up, but Beth never gave up and kept marketing and marketing, using tried and true in addition to searching for new innovative ways to get our house out there. And it sold!

Beth delivers like no other- we highly recommend her !
- Satisfied customer (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2011 in OR)
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August 23, 2012
So supportive and helpful in every aspect of the home buying process
I bought a short sale with Beth and she really worked hard to make this happen! Her extensive knowledge of the market and how "things work" makes a big difference when it´s time to negotiate a tricky deal.

I also love how she is so supportive and helpful in every aspect of the home buying process. She referred me to a GREAT carpet contractor who came in the day before my scheduled move to get the carpets done in time.

Beth is not just doing business transactions...she actually cares that you get the best possible deal for a house that you´ll love for years!
- Happy client (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2012 in OR)
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August 23, 2012
Probably one of the most competent individuals I have had the privelege of working with in recent memory
The only reason I gave Beth Earnest a 5-star rating is that the rating scale confines me to five stars. Simply put, Beth Earnest is probably one of the most competent individuals I have had the privilege of working with in recent memory.

I contacted Beth when my wife and I wanted to buy a bigger home in a quieter neighborhood. Right at the outset, Beth was very attentive to our needs and actually asked probing questions that helped us understand better what our choices were. Beth advised us to keep our current home and rent it out, rather than pushing us to lower the asking price. In doing so, Beth looked out for our interests rather than chase the next commission opportunity at the expense of her clients´ best interests. Her integrity as well as strategic acumen won us over at the outset.

I cannot overstate Beth´s role when it came to the actual home-buying process. Speaking analogously, she is a lot like Sandra Bullock´s character in "The Blind Side" in terms of how she combines hustle with compassion. She accommodated me with home-viewing sessions every weekend (both days) for 6 weeks in a row. She and her assistant developed comprehensive viewing schedules, were always punctual, called sellers ahead of time to confirm, and provided insights into considerations (power lines, siding, etc.) that we would have been unaware of otherwise. Throughout the process, she was very quick to respond to phone calls and emails at all hours of the day. She also explained why certain things could or could not be done, and how they would affect us from an equity, living as well as future resale perspective. This was refreshing since she played the role of educator, rather than sitting on her expert perch. As we drove from one home to the next, she would ask us what we liked/disliked about the last home so as to understand our needs better.

When we did move forward with a house, she was present through every turn in the process. Whether it was the inspection, sewer-scope, working with a broker or negotiation for fixes/discounts, she helped drive the process. Some of this happened to fall during Thanksgiving weekend, but Beth never complained, which in this age of lack of ownership that we live in, was a rather refreshing change.

Beth´s thoroughness was exemplified in one rather concrete example: She worked with the seller to complete certain fixes to the house required after the inspection. She also obtained receipts for said fixes so that we could have that proof in case we needed to use the warranty, which she also helped us obtain.

Beth also was present during closing day and answered all the questions we had. She has been helping us with logistical requests to this day, well after she has been compensated and has no real financial incentive to keep helping us.

Lest I forget, Beth never ever rushed us into anything. She never pushed us to do anything. In fact, she was the voice of calm and reason throughout this journey.

Beth has also shared with us her own experiences renting out her houses and that has been valuable. In particular, Beth´s anecdotal guidance speaks to her experience as well as the fact that she is always looking out for us.

In summary, I believe that after love, the greatest gesture you can offer anyone is your labor. Beth combines both love and labor in her job, and it shows. I have the greatest regard for her as a human being and a professional. Not only am I grateful for her services, but find her exemplary and worthy of emulation
- Satisfied Customer (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2012 in OR)
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August 23, 2012
She has a lot of knowledge and experience, and I knew I would be in good hands
I just recently worked with Beth to purchase my first house. As a first time home buyer, I was pretty nervous about the whole home buying process. However, during the first conversation I had with Beth, it became clear that she has a lot of knowledge and experience, and I knew I would be in good hands.

Being a first time home buyer, I had lots of questions about the home buying process, particularly since the house I bought was a short sale. Beth did an excellent job of explaining the process to me and answering all of my questions. I really appreciate how patient Beth was with me during this entire process. Not once did I feel rushed or pressured to make a decision. I could tell that she really cared about helping me find just the right house at a great price.

Another thing that helped me tremendously is that Beth has a great network of carpenters, carpet installers, etc. that she referred me to for the work that I needed on my house. Since I had always had a landlord to do the work previously, I wasn´t sure who to call for what. Beth saved me a lot of time and stress by providing the references to me. I was confident that I could expect quality work from anyone that Beth recommended to me.

I really felt like Beth´s service went above and beyond what I had expected from a real estate agent. It was a pleasure working with Beth, and I would highly recommend her.
- Thankful client (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2012 in OR)
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August 23, 2012
I cannot recommend her enough
Hi! Beth helped me find my first home a few years ago. I was 25 and needed quite a lot of hand-holding! She was more than patient as I went back and forth between wanting a house or a condo. We looked everywhere from the inner SE, NE, Sellwood, Alphabet District, as well as parts of North Portland. After many homes and condos (the Portland housing market was very interesting in 2009!) I settled on a cute cottage in the North Portland neighborhood of Kenton.

I wanted old with lots of charm, which is what I ended up with. Keep in mind however, we also looked at modern and urban properties. Even with all the different directions I pulled Beth into, she knew just where to go and what to look for in each property and their Portland locations. From writing up the deal to negotiating, to even holding my hand through the loan side, I could have not asked for a more professional and knowledgeable agent.

Even after 2 years of living in my home, I still remember the buying process and thanks to Beth, I remember it being one of the most exciting and positive times in my life. When the time comes for me to move on from my current home, Beth will be the one I call to list it, as well as be the agent that helps me find a new home. Many many thanks.

I cannot recommend her enough!
- Happy client (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2012 in OR)
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August 23, 2012
A true professional who cares about her clients
Beth is wonderful. A true professional who cares about her clients, goes the extra mile to show properties, market your home, and especially is a tough negotiator on your behalf. She both sold and help us buy a new home, and we highly recommend her. She is absolutely to be trusted and relied upon
- Happy client (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2012 in OR)
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August 22, 2012
Beth makes it look easy.
Simply put, I am thrilled with Beth. My ranch home in Raleigh Hills was listed with a different realtor. I was a bit frustrated with lack of communication and marketing. The result was my home sat on the market for several months without success. I relisted with Beth and, what a difference! She called my place a cream puff and it sold quickly, especially for this economy. She even managed things as I was out of the country when the home sold. There was a major problem with a sewer line and she handled that. Result: a smooth closing and cash to spend. I was looking for a one level condo but not finding anything I liked. After showing me what was available, Beth recommended looking at townhomes which I was resistant to. She was gently persistant thank goodness. I could not be happier. I purchased my new beautiful home on a greenbelt. She recommended an excellent painter and he repainted the entire town home and garage in custom colors. I truly love this place., This development takes care of its homeowners and the units are well built. I never hear my neighbors. It´s a great community and an excellent area with easy access to downtown, the Max, and the Cedar Mill area. Throughout both sale and purchase, Beth looked out for my interests in every way. If it hadn´t been for Beth, I would not be in this perfect home for a great price. I´m hard to please and she made it all happen smoothly. Beth is my best experience with a realtor in my life, and I have had several experiences over the years. In fact I worked as a realtor. It´s not an easy business, but Beth makes it look easy. Beth is a top professional, easy to talk with and she really hears her clients. Beth and her assistant Tracy are wonderful and I consider them angel friends. Beth has been so thoughtful with fabulous housewarming gifts on top of everything else. She truly has all the traits of great realtor plus she´s fun, funny and fabulous
- Tracy Swall (Bought a home with Beth L Earnest in 2012 in Portland, OR)
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