Customer Testimonials

We hate to brag, so we'll let our clients do it for us. Here's what homebuyers from all over the country have to say about and our Movoto-certified partner agents!

G. Sports

from Escondido

"Eve has contacted me several times, and given me a comparable real estate report regarding my home. She has been great! We are scheduling a visit next week to a home I am interested in. Thank you for so quickly seeing to my needs. "

G. Horst, Investor

" It was good to work with you and your team. I can't wait to find some more deals with you guys. "

Allyson Levine

"My grandmother's house was on the market for quite awhile, even after she fell and broke her hip and had to move in with me. It was stressful, but knowing we were in good hands with Sherry made things a lot better. I always felt that we were a high priority with Sherry, long before we got the offer we ended up accepting. Once the selling process actually began, I can only say that Sherry went above and beyond what I ever would have dreamed. We needed a lot of repairs done for the buyer, and Sherry made all the arrangements. I don't know how we could have done it without her. She was just incredible. I can't tell you how many times I called her with questions, and she was always there with the answers. I never felt that I could not call her if I needed to, and it was always apparent that she really cared about us and wanted to make sure things went as smoothly as possible. She even drove thirty minutes to where we live so my home-bound grandmother could sign the necessary papers. I would recommend Sherry to anyone looking to sell a house. The experience my grandmother and I had could not have been better. I am so grateful to Sherry for all her help. She is truly a gem. "

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